Why Laura Clery And Stephen Hilton Divorced: The Inside Story

Key Takeaways

  • They couldn’t communicate well and felt emotionally distant.
  • They disagreed about theirĀ futureĀ plans and money, which made things worse.
  • Issues with fidelity and trust also played a role.
  • The stress from losing pets and the challenges of parenting weakened their relationship.
  • Being famous put extra pressure on their marriage, making everything more complicated.


You might wonder why Laura Clery and Stephen Hilton, who seemed perfect together, divorced. Their breakup was due to problems with communication, different life goals, and the massive pressure of being in the public eye.

They also struggled with emotional issues and disagreed about money and raising their children. The constant public attention made these problems worse, leading them to split. Understanding their story helps show how difficult it can be to manage personal and public life. Their experience highlights the complexities of relationships in the spotlight.

The Announcement of Separation

Laura and Stephen Hilton announced their separation in 2022

laura clery divorce

In 2022, after ten years together, comedians Laura Clery and Stephen Hilton announced they were splitting up. They often shared their life on social media, including their battles with addiction. They made their separation public, showing everyone their struggles.

Their breakup didn’t happen suddenly. It came from deep-rooted issues and Stephen’s recent relapse, which they both talked about openly. Despite trying to face these challenges together, sometimes things don’t work out.

The effect on their family was profound and immediate. Laura posted a touching video about how hard it was when Stephen moved out, showing the real pain of their split. This change affected not just their marriage but their whole family’s life.

As fans, you might feel connected to their story. Their honesty in sharing both their joys and hardships has made many feel supported in their own lives. Their journey shows not just their breakup but also the strength and help that comes from being open.

Divorce announced in 2023

In 2023, Stephen Hilton and Laura Clery announced their divorce after separating in 2022. Known for sharing their personal moments online, the couple has always been open with their audience. This year, they’ve decided to end their marriage, a tough choice given their public lives and shared past.

Both Laura and Stephen have openly discussed their struggles with addiction recovery. Laura recently posted videos about Stephen’s relapse, which affected their relationship and family. It’s been hard for Laura to manage her personal sorrow while maintaining her public image.

They’ve shared their highs and lows online, and now they’re asking for your understanding and respect as they start separate lives. They plan to co-parent their two children, aiming to provide a stable and loving home despite their challenges.

Their story may resonate with you. It highlights the complexities of life and relationships, especially in the public eye. As they move on, they continue to support mental health and addiction recovery, hoping to help others with their stories.

Reasons for the Divorce

why did laura and stephen break up

Growing apart

You mightn’t be surprised that Laura and Stephen grew apart due to their different lifestyles and unresolved issues. If you’ve been watching them over the years, you’ve seen how they’ve changed, especially while dealing with their own challenges. They both worked on getting sober together, but they faced their problems in different ways.

You might’ve noticed changes in how they interacted, maybe through Laura’s podcasts or Stephen’s posts online. They began following very different paths. Laura focused on comedy and mental health, while Stephen worked more on his music career, taking him in new directions.

Over time, these differences stood out more. Laura spoke openly in her recent podcasts about feeling more like business partners than life partners. Such a change can really strain a relationship, especially with the added pressure of being in the public eye. Despite their efforts to close the gap, they couldn’t overcome the growing distance between their life goals and everyday lives.

Parenthood and pet tragedies

As Laura and Stephen handled being parents, their marriage faced more strain due to several pet tragedies. Losing a pet can be devastating, and they went through this multiple times. Each loss added grief and stress to their already tough lives with young kids.

Their pets were more than just animals to them; they were part of the family. Losing them meant losing companionship, shared happiness, and content for Laura’s videos. Imagine managing young children’s chaos while also facing the repeated pain of losing pets. It’s a heavy burden for anyone, especially a couple already dealing with personal and professional challenges.

These ongoing tragedies deepened the cracks in their relationship. While grieving, they struggled to support each other effectively. Amid such emotional strain, it’s understandable that their relationship’s foundation could weaken, making it challenging to maintain a healthy, supportive bond.

Differences in political beliefs

Laura and Stephen divorced partly because they disagreed strongly on politics. Over time, Stephen shared more extreme right-wing views, which Laura, who’s more moderate, couldn’t agree with. He openly criticized the Biden family and made controversial comments on transgender rights, which Laura didn’t support.

Their differing political views were more than just minor disagreements. They began to affect their daily conversations, making it hard for them to connect deeply. It’s important to understand that while political differences mightn’t always cause a marriage to end, for Laura and Stephen, these differences worsened other problems they had. They argued more often, not only about politics but also about how their beliefs affected their daily lives, parenting, and social life.


Laura Clery and Stephen Hilton’s story shows the challenging mix of personal issues and public life that profoundly affects a family. As you’ve seen, personal problems become more prominent when the public watches. Their separation teaches us about the stress of living in the public eye and keeping relationships strong.

Their story isn’t just theirs but mirrors the difficulties many people face. It reminds us of the strength needed to handle both personal issues and public attention. As they go on their separate ways but still linked by their children and past, their story continues to touch many who watch and learn from them.

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