Why Daniel Caesar Got Cancelled By The Black Community

Key Takeaways

  • Daniel Caesar stood up for YesJulz when she was criticized for her comments about race. This did not sit well with many in the Black community.
  • He even told his fans to cancel him if they disagreed with his support for YesJulz. This upset a lot of people.
  • His remarks came off as if he was ignoring the genuine concerns of the Black community about racial justice and being true allies.
  • The reaction was intense. Fans and other artists pushed back, and he lost a lot of support from the community.
  • Since then, he’s been trying to make things right by apologizing and admitting he messed up when it came to handling issues about race. He’s working on regaining trust and understanding.

Daniel Caesar, a well-known R&B artist, stirred up trouble after defending YesJulz, a social media influencer, during a live video. He asked his fans and the Black community to stop criticizing her, even questioning their reasons for being upset about race-related issues.

He dared his audience to cancel him if they disagreed. This bold move quickly backfired, prompting much pushback from his fans and fellow artists. It made him rethink both his career and his personal views.

Past Controversial Comments Made by Daniel Caesar

Past Controversial Comments Made by Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar made some controversial comments a while back. He stood up for YesJulz and ended up criticizing the Black community. This caused quite a stir, and many people wanted to cancel him.

These comments raised big questions about race and what happens when famous people say controversial things. This whole situation really affected his reputation and even impacted his career.

Black community’s response

The Black community quickly reacted when Daniel Caesar made controversial comments defending YesJulz and criticizing the community’s response to her. Many felt let down because they saw his support for YesJulz — who had made racially insensitive remarks before — as ignoring their valid concerns.

This feeling grew when he dared the community to cancel him, which seemed like he didn’t care about the ongoing fight against racism. This sparked a more extensive discussion about loyalty, allyship, and what public figures should do regarding racial justice issues in their communities.

Backlash and cancellation

Backlash and cancellation

After Daniel Caesar defended YesJulz and criticized the Black community, he faced a lot of pushback, and people wanted to cancel him. During an Instagram Live, he asked why the Black community was so ‘mean’ to white people like YesJulz. This started an extensive conversation about how important it is for famous people to understand racial issues.

His comments seemed to ignore the long history of racial problems that Black people face. Because of this, many of his fans, especially those in the Black community, felt let down and stopped supporting him. This situation showed how careful artists must be when discussing sensitive topics.

Daniel Caesar’s Apologies and Attempts at Redemption

Daniel Caesar has apologised several times after making comments that upset many people. He wants to fix his reputation and rebuild trust. Right after people criticized him, he went on Instagram Live to apologize.

He admitted his remarks were poorly thought out and apologized. In a 2023 interview with Apple Music, he understood why the Black community was upset and admitted he was wrong. Through his apologies, Daniel Caesar is clearly trying to better understand things and learn from his mistakes.

He’s working on handling being famous, discussing race, and growing personally, all while everyone watches.


Daniel Caesar’s controversy shows how important it is for public figures to think before they speak. When he defended YesJulz and then challenged his own community, he upset many of his fans.

This situation highlights how crucial it is to be aware of racial sensitivities. It also serves as a warning about the consequences of ignoring the feelings of your community. This incident still affects his career today.

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