Who Was Taylor Swift’s Mean Song Written About?

Key Takeaways

  • ‘Mean’ is thought to be about critic Bob Lefsetz, who slammed Taylor Swift’s Grammy performance in 2010.
  • The song is all about handling harsh criticism and standing up to those who put you down.
  • Even though people think it’s about Lefsetz, Swift hasn’t said he’s the only one who inspired ‘Mean’.
  • The words in the song likely also touch on Swift’s run-ins with negativity and bullying in the music world.
  • Essentially, ‘Mean’ is a powerful song about sticking it out and rising above the challenges.

Taylor Swift’s song ‘Mean’ is about standing firm against harsh words and personal attacks. Many think she wrote it because of her experiences with critic Bob Lefsetz. It’s from her third album, ‘Speak Now,’ and it talks about the tough times public figures face.

Swift’s talent in writing shines as she turns her personal struggles into a song that encourages and supports others facing similar situations. Winning a Grammy, ‘Mean’ has become a powerful anthem for anyone dealing with criticism. It shows how you can rise above negativity and become stronger.

Who Did Taylor Swift Write ‘Mean’ About?

Rumored inspirations

Who Was Taylor Swift's Mean Song Written About

There’s a lot of guessing about who inspired Taylor Swift’s song ‘Mean.’ Some say it’s about critic Bob Lefsetz, but others think it’s not about one person at all.

It could be about the bullying and criticism Taylor faced in the music world. Maybe she’s talking about several critics and naysayers from her early days. The song hits home for anyone who’s felt looked down on or undervalued. It seems like Taylor might have pulled from many different experiences to write ‘Mean.’

Bob Lefsetz

Bob Lefsetz

Taylor Swift wrote the song ‘Mean’ after Bob Lefsetz criticized her singing. Lefsetz, known for his blunt music reviews, didn’t like Swift’s performance at the 2010 Grammy Awards. He said she was off-key and doubted her skills as a live performer. Many think this critique inspired ‘Mean.’

In the song, Swift stands up to her critics. It’s like she’s saying, ‘I hear you, but I’m not backing down.’ The song did really well, winning two Grammy Awards. It showed that Swift could use harsh feedback to make something great.

The Confirmed Inspiration for ‘Mean’

Stevie Nicks

Despite what some people think, Stevie Nicks didn’t inspire Taylor Swift’s song ‘Mean’. Actually, the song is believed to be about Taylor handling harsh criticism from music industry folks.

This mix-up might come from when Swift and Nicks sang together at the 2010 Grammy Awards, which some critics didn’t like much. At that event, Nicks seemed like a mentor to Swift, which maybe started some rumors about her influence on the song.

But really, ‘Mean’ is about Swift standing up to her critics and turning their harsh words into a robust and uplifting song.


How has Taylor Swift turned her struggles into success? Her music reflects her personal stories and the criticisms she’s faced. By using her experiences, she connects deeply with many people and shows her strength in the music world.

Take her song ‘Mean,’ for example. She wrote it after facing harsh words from critic Bob Lefsetz, and it went on to win a Grammy. It’s not just a song; it’s a message of empowerment for anyone dealing with negativity. Taylor Swift is good at making her challenges into songs that everyone can relate to, and that’s why she significantly impacts her fans and beyond.

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