Who Is Tyrus’ Wife? The Life Of Ingrid Rinck, The Fitness Mogul

Key Takeaways

  • Ingrid Rinck is married to George Murdoch, known as Tyrus, a professional wrestler and commentator.
  • She started Sensible Meals, a company that makes easy, balanced meals.
  • Ingrid developed The Rinck Routine, an online fitness program with over 40 fitness certifications.
  • She focuses on promoting health, supporting diabetes research, and giving straightforward health and fitness advice.
  • As a mom of three, Ingrid manages her business and family life well.

Ingrid Rinck, a leading fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur from the US, has made significant contributions to the health and wellness industry.

Born on April 24, 1981, Ingrid developed a passion for health fueled by personal challenges. She wanted to create simple, lasting ways for people to live healthier.

Her business, Sensible Meals, offers well-balanced, pre-portioned meals that suit various dietary needs. She is tall at 5 feet 10 inches, with blonde hair and green eyes, and she lives the healthy life she encourages in others.

Who is Tyrus’s Wife?

Meet Ingrid Rinck, the fitness mogul

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Ingrid Rinck, a well-known fitness leader, has significantly impacted the health world. She started Sensible Meals because she wanted to help people eat better. This was especially important to her as she was dealing with her son’s diabetes.

Her company makes meals that are good for you and the correct size. She also created The Rinck Routine, which offers easy-to-follow online fitness classes like yoga, dance, and Pilates. These classes help people stay fit and feel good.

Ingrid’s work shows her deep commitment to helping others live healthier lives.

Her bio, nationality, and net worth

Ingrid Rinck, an American entrepreneur, has a net worth of $2.5 million. She was born on April 24, 1981, in the U.S.

Unveiling the Life of Ingrid Rinck

Her career and achievements

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Ingrid Rinck has shown exceptional dedication and creativity in the fitness and health industry throughout her career. Her work has significantly influenced wellness.

  1. Starting Sensible Meals: After her son was diagnosed with diabetes, Rinck founded a meal prep company that provides healthy, portion-controlled meals to help with diet management and weight loss.
  2. Developing The Rinck Routine: She created a program that combines dance, yoga, and Pilates. It promotes overall health and mental well-being and is available online.
  3. Certifications and Experience: Rinck has earned over 40 fitness certifications and began teaching fitness classes at 16.
  4. Entrepreneurial Impact: Her businesses have boosted community wellness and significantly contributed to the health sector’s economic growth.

Her marriage to Tyrus and family life

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Ingrid Rinck and George Murdoch, known as Tyrus, married in April 2020. They have a daughter, Georgie Jane Murdoch.

Ingrid also has two sons, Rhett and Rock, from a previous relationship. Together, they blend their lives, supporting each other and raising their children.

They balance work and home life, creating a united and supportive family environment.

Fun facts and latest updates

  1. Podcast Launch: Her podcast offers easy-to-follow advice on eating right, staying mentally healthy, and keeping fit.
  2. Community Engagement: Ingrid is active in local health events, teaching others about staying healthy.
  3. Philanthropy: She helps fund diabetes research and programs for kids, driven by her son’s own experience with the condition.
  4. Expansion Plans: Ingrid plans to take her fitness brand global, focusing on complete health solutions.


Ingrid Rinck has skillfully combined her love for fitness with her business skills, making a notable difference in the wellness industry. Her path from enjoying fitness to becoming a business leader shows her toughness and creativity. Ingrid founded Sensible Meals and The Rinck Routine, demonstrating her dedication to improving health for many people. Her own experiences, especially handling her son’s diabetes, drive her to help others reach their health goals.

CompanySensible Meals
FocusHealth and Wellness
InspirationManaging her son’s diabetes

Frequently Asked Questions

What Specific Fitness Certifications Does Ingrid Rinck Hold?

Ingrid Rinck is well-trained in the fitness field with more than 40 certifications. She is skilled in yoga, Pilates, and dance, showing her deep knowledge and dedication to health and wellness.

How Does Ingrid Rinck Balance Her Business and Family Life?

Ingrid Rinck balances her work and family life by managing her time well and involving her family in her business. This creates a supportive atmosphere where her personal and professional lives mix smoothly.

What Are Some of Ingrid Rinck’s Personal Health and Fitness Tips?

Ingrid Rinck recommends eating well and staying active. She focuses on managing portion sizes with her meal prep company. Her fitness program, The Rinck Routine, supports overall health through simple, whole practices.

Has Ingrid Rinck Authored Any Books or Guides on Fitness?

Ingrid Rinck hasn’t written any books on fitness. She shares her expertise through her fitness program, The Rinck Routine, and her meal prep company, Sensible Meals.

What Philanthropic Activities Is Ingrid Rinck Involved In?

Ingrid Rinck helps her community by focusing on healthy eating through her business, Sensible Meals. She works to improve nutrition and wellness, especially for people with special dietary needs, and supports many health charities.

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