Who Is Andrew Schulz’s Wife? Unveiling The Story Behind Emma Turner

Key Takeaways

  • Emma Turner Schulz and comedian Andrew Schulz got married in December 2021.
  • While studying for her MBA at NYU Stern, she started the food blog Blistered Peppers.
  • Emma worked at Apple as an AI/ML Program Manager, highlighting her tech skills.
  • Her blog focuses on easy-to-make recipes and eating sustainably, attracting many followers.
  • Their wedding was a small, private event with close friends and family.


Emma Turner is an accomplished entrepreneur and professional who has made her mark in the culinary and tech fields. She is also well-known for her marriage to comedian Andrew Schulz.

Turner started her popular food blog, Blistered Peppers, while studying for her MBA at NYU Stern. The blog mixes her love for food with her sharp business sense. It provides cooking tips and recipes that cater to various dietary needs, making it a favorite among food lovers. At the same time, Turner has built a successful career in the tech industry and currently works as an AI/ML Program Manager at Apple. Her skills in both areas highlight her ability to innovate and lead in different fields.

Early Life and Career of Emma Turner Schulz

andrew shulz wife

Founder of Blistered Peppers

While studying for her MBA at NYU Stern, Emma Turner Schulz started Blistered Peppers, a food blog that quickly became popular. She combines her love for food and her focus on including everyone, no matter their diet.

  1. Recipe Innovation: Emma offers creative recipes that everyone can enjoy, whether they’re gluten-free, vegan, or have other dietary needs.
  2. Engagement with Followers: She talks to her readers regularly, using their suggestions to improve her blog.
  3. Culinary Reviews: Emma checks out new restaurants and food trends, making her blog a trustworthy source of food news.
  4. Educational Content: She also writes about nutrition and how to eat sustainably, providing helpful information to her readers.

Manager at Apple

Emma Turner Schulz, after her entrepreneurial success, joined Apple as an AI/ML Program Manager. In this role, she uses her deep knowledge in business and technology to manage projects that mix artificial intelligence and machine learning with Apple’s products. This job shows her ability to handle important projects and her dedication to tech innovation.

RoleAI/ML Program Manager
FocusIntegrating AI and ML into products
ImpactImproves product innovation and user experience

Entrepreneur and foodie

In her early career, Emma Turner Schulz blended her love for cooking and business by starting the popular food blog, Blistered Peppers. This project featured her unique recipes and allowed her to share her thoughts on the changing food industry.

Her commitment to the blog is evident in several key areas:

  1. Innovative Content: She regularly posted new and flexible recipes that suited various dietary needs.
  2. Community Engagement: She built a solid online community by hosting interactive food challenges and Q&A sessions.
  3. Brand Collaborations: She worked with both local and national food brands on sponsored posts, increasing her blog’s reach.
  4. Educational Workshops: She ran workshops on healthy eating and sustainable cooking, expanding her impact beyond the internet.

Emma Turner Schulz: Wife of Comedian Andrew Schulz

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Marriage to Andrew Schulz

Andrew Schulz and Emma Turner Schulz got married in December 2021. Their wedding was a big day for them, celebrating their love and showing how Emma has changed Andrew’s eating habits. They brought together friends, family, and fans in a meaningful gathering.

Key points about their marriage include:

  1. Public Announcement: They announced their wedding on Instagram, receiving many congratulations.
  2. Private Ceremony: The ceremony was small, showing they like to keep things private even though they are public figures.
  3. Culinary Influence: Emma’s love for healthy food has improved Andrew’s diet.
  4. Media Attention: Their wedding caught the eye of celebrities and the press.

Birth of daughter Shiloh Jean Schulz

Andrew Schulz and Emma Turner Schulz are now parents to Shiloh Jean Schulz. Born after their marriage in December 2021, Shiloh’s arrival brings great joy.

Growing up, she will enjoy a warm, loving home. Her father, a famous comedian, fills their life with laughter. Her mother, an entrepreneur, ensures a well-rounded upbringing. Together, they step into parenthood with enthusiasm, ready to share their love and commitment.

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Emma Turner Schulz is a skilled professional in both technology and cooking. She has achieved a lot academically and in her career, making her an essential figure on her own, apart from being married to comedian Andrew Schulz.

Turner’s business projects and work in the culinary world inspire many people. Her influence reaches far beyond just her personal connections, establishing her as a respected individual in her own right.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Inspired Emma Turner to Start Her Food Blog, Blistered Peppers?

Emma Turner started her food blog, Blistered Peppers, because she loves sharing her cooking experiences and creating recipes for different dietary needs. Her education and work background in related areas also played a role.

How Did Andrew Schulz and Emma Turner Meet?

Andrew Schulz met Emma Turner when she was in college. They connected over shared interests and experiences, which led to marriage. They share their life and adventures on social media.

Does Emma Turner Have Any Children With Andrew Schulz?

Emma Turner and Andrew Schulz, who married in December 2021, do not have children together according to the latest information. Their public statements and profiles confirm this.

What Are Emma Turner’s Favorite Hobbies Outside of Work?

Emma Turner enjoys cooking, traveling, and taking photos when she’s not working. These hobbies show her creative side and her love for different cultures and foods.

What Charitable Organizations Is Emma Turner Involved With?

Emma Turner works with many charities that focus on education, food security, and women’s rights. She uses her skills and connections to help these causes.

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