Who Does Joey Pick? Bachelor Finale Winner Revealed!

Key Takeaways

  • Joey Graziadei picked Kelsey Anderson on The Bachelor 2024 finale.
  • Reality Steve confirmed their engagement.
  • Joey proposed in a scenic location, creating a romantic highlight.
  • Kelsey and Joey’s bond strengthened from the beginning of the season.
  • Fans are eager to see what comes next for the couple.

In the final episode of The Bachelor 2024, Joey Graziadei chose Kelsey Anderson as his partner. Their relationship developed over many romantic dates and heartfelt moments.

The finale showed the deep connection between Joey and Kelsey, setting them on a path to start their life together. As the show ended, it captured the true spirit of love and commitment that The Bachelor aims to display, leaving viewers happy and eager to see what comes next for the couple.

Who Does Joey Pick on The Bachelor?

Who Does Joey Pick on The Bachelor

Spoiler: Joey gets engaged to Kelsey Anderson

In the final episode of The Bachelor, Joey Graziadei proposed to Kelsey Anderson. The season was full of romance and drama, leading up to this moment.

Kelsey, who had a strong connection with Joey from the start, was thrilled. The proposal happened in a beautiful setting, marking the end of their journey on the show.

As they begin a new chapter, fans are eager to see how their relationship grows outside the spotlight.

Evidence and confirmation from Reality Steve

Reality Steve confirmed that Joey Graziadei chose Kelsey Anderson in the Bachelor finale. Initially, there was confusion with some thinking Joey might pick Daisy Kent. But Reality Steve cleared this up early, stating Joey had chosen Kelsey.

Joey and Kelsey Anderson

His updates and behind-the-scenes insights were consistent with what happened on the show. Known for his accuracy, Reality Steve provided details from the final episode that matched the broadcast, offering fans reliable spoilers.

His confirmation was crucial for understanding how the season ended romantically.

Final Thoughts and Previews for The Bachelor Finale

The “unprecedented” ending

The ending of ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 was like nothing we’ve seen before. Everyone wondered if Joey would pick Kelsey or Daisy as the season ended.

This season was different because it had more twists and deeper connections. The finale was both unexpected and rewarding.

The producers promised a new kind of ending, and they delivered, creating a lot of buzz. This change made the show more engaging and set a new bar for what’s to come, promising more genuine and surprising stories in reality TV romance.

What to expect from Joey and Kelsey’s relationship post-show

Fans are excited to see how Joey and Kelsey’s relationship will develop now that they’re engaged after The Bachelor. As they enter the public eye, they’ll face challenges and opportunities.

Joey and Kelsey Anderson

They’re likely to appear in the media and might join more reality TV shows, putting their relationship under more public pressure. On the show, they had a strong bond. Now, they might focus on building a solid base for their relationship in private, prioritizing good communication and support for each other.

Fans are hopeful for a lasting relationship and perhaps even a wedding on TV, which is common in Bachelor Nation.


In short, the end of The Bachelor Season 28 was a significant moment. Joey Graziadei’s decision shaped his life and affected the stories of the final two contestants.

This choice will be discussed a lot in future talks about reality TV relationships. It shows how personal choices can also be public entertainment, affecting both the people involved and the viewers.

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