Where Are Victoria Gotti’s Kids Now? Latest Updates On Their Lives

Key Takeaways

  • Carmine Gotti Agnello, Jr. runs a scrapyard in Queens, sticking to the family business and keeping things stable.
  • John Gotti Agnello manages family-owned scrap metal plants, focusing on family life and the business.
  • Frank Gotti Agnello has stepped back from the public eye, working on personal development and keeping a low profile.
  • The Gotti siblings prefer their privacy after their time on reality TV, concentrating on their personal lives and family matters instead of being in the spotlight.
  • All the brothers stay true to their family roots while making their way in business and personal lives.

Victoria Gotti, the daughter of the famous mob boss John Gotti, has lived a life entire of public scrutiny while raising her three sons. Each of her sons has chosen a path very different from their grandfather’s infamous background. Despite the challenges of their family history, Victoria has worked hard to create her own identity and help her children do the same.

She’s been a journalist, an author, and a reality TV star. Through these roles, she’s shared her experiences and shown that her family is moving away from its past connections to crime. Victoria’s focus on her family and career demonstrates her commitment to building a new legacy based on resilience and change.

Victoria Gotti’s Sons: Where Are They Now?

Carmine Gotti Agnello, Jr

Carmine Gotti Agnello, Jr

Carmine Gotti Agnello, Jr., Victoria Gotti’s eldest son, used to be on TV a lot, especially on the reality show Growing Up Gotti. But now, he’s running a scrapyard in Queens. It’s a significant change from being in the spotlight to handling a more old-school family business.

He’s really focusing on keeping things running smoothly there, despite some tough challenges like legal issues and environmental concerns. This switch shows he’s looking for more stability and wants to keep the family business strong.

John Gotti Agnello

John Gotti Agnello

One of Victoria’s sons, John Gotti Agnello, has stepped back from the public eye to focus on the family’s scrapyard business. He tied the knot with Alina Sanchez in 2015, and they’ve since had two boys, Johnny and Mikey, adding to the Gotti family tree. John spends his days managing several scrap metal plants throughout Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

He’s not just about scrap metal; he also teams up with his brothers to keep the family business thriving. Moving away from the glare of media to the scrapyards marks a significant change for him. It shows he values hard work and keeping things simple, traits that have always run strong in the Gotti family.

Frank Gotti Agnello

Frank Gotti Agnello

Frank Gotti Agnello is Victoria Gotti’s youngest son. Known from the reality show ‘Growing Up Gotti,’ Frank has lately kept to himself more. He’s stepping back from the spotlight to focus on his personal growth and family life. In 2006, Frank wrote a book about how he lost weight. He wanted to share his journey to help others get healthier.

These days, he avoids the media and prefers keeping things private. Even though he’s not as public as before, Frank is still close with his family. He supports them and keeps his own life pretty quiet.

Their Lives After Reality TV

Keeping a low profile

Since their reality TV show ended, Victoria Gotti’s sons have kept things quiet, staying out of the spotlight to focus on their personal lives and businesses.

  1. Carmine Gotti Agnello, Jr. has moved away from public attention, sharing only occasional updates on private social media.
  2. John Gotti Agnello is all about his family now, enjoying being a dad and staying out of the public eye.
  3. Frank Gotti Agnello is working on himself, staying fit and close to family but away from the cameras.

Working with family businesses

Victoria Gotti’s sons have built stable careers in family businesses, moving away from their unpredictable public lives. They use their family know-how to keep their scrap metal business growing. Here’s a look at what each brother does:

NameRole in Business
Carmine GottiHandles day-to-day operations at the scrapyard
John GottiManages growth and new locations
Frank GottiTakes care of marketing and customer relationships
Collective EffortThe brothers work together on strategy and new ideas
Future ProspectsThey plan to branch out into different industries

Together, they ensure the Gotti name survives and thrives in today’s business world.


In short, Victoria Gotti’s sons have taken different paths since their reality TV days. Carmine and John have stuck with the family business, while Frank has chosen a quieter, more personal path focused on self-growth. Each brother handles their shared heritage in his own way, showing a mix of sticking to tradition and finding their paths.

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