What Are Biggie Smalls Kids Up To Now?

Key Takeaways

  • Tyanna Wallace runs Notoriouss, a clothing line inspired by her father’s hip-hop impact, based in Brooklyn.
  • CJ Wallace co-founded Think BIG, focusing on criminal justice reform and advocating for change using his platform.
  • CJ Wallace also continues acting, including playing his father in ‘Notorious’ and roles in other movies.
  • Notoriouss, created by Tyanna, appeals to both long-time and new fans of Biggie Smalls through urban clothing.
  • Tyanna and CJ actively preserve Biggie Smalls’ legacy, merging their interests with his cultural influence.

As the children of the famous rapper Notorious B.I.G., also known as Biggie Smalls, T’yanna and Christopher Wallace Jr. have found their own ways to honor their father’s legacy while following their interests. T’yanna Wallace has entered the fashion world with her brand, Notoriouss, which celebrates her father’s impact on hip-hop.

Christopher Wallace Jr. has pursued acting and music and also focuses on social justice with his project, Think BIG. Their activities highlight how children of well-known figures manage their family legacy and personal dreams in a constantly changing world that still values its cultural icons.

Biggie Smalls’ Kids: Who Are They?

Biggie Smalls, also known as The Notorious B.I.G., left a lasting impact that lives on through his two children, T’yanna Wallace and Christopher Wallace Jr.

T’yanna Wallace

T’yanna Wallace, the daughter of the famous rapper Biggie Smalls, was born on August 8, 1993. Her parents are Biggie and his high school sweetheart, Jan Jackson.

T'yanna Wallace

T’yanna went to Penn State and got a business degree in 2015. She then started Notoriouss, a clothing store in Brooklyn, inspired by her father’s legacy. The store sells urban clothing that honors Biggie’s impact on music. T’yanna keeps her father’s legacy alive through her business and introduces it to new fans.

Christopher Wallace Jr

CJ Wallace, son of famous rapper Biggie Smalls and singer Faith Evans, was born on October 29, 1996. He has made a name for himself in acting and music. CJ notably played his father in the 2009 film ‘Notorious’, which gained him recognition. He has also worked in movies like ‘Everything Must Go’ and ‘Kicks’.

Christopher Wallace Jr

In addition to acting, CJ has entered the business world by co-founding Think BIG, a company that uses cannabis to fight criminal injustice. This work shows his dedication to pushing for social change, inspired by his father’s significant cultural influence.

How Biggie Smalls’ Children Pay Tribute to their Father

T’yanna’s fashion line Notoriouss

T’yanna Wallace, Biggie Smalls’ daughter, started the fashion line Notoriouss to honor her father’s influence in music and fashion. Located in Brooklyn, this shop sells streetwear like graphic tees, hoodies, and accessories, echoing Biggie’s time’s hip-hop style.

T’yanna, who graduated from Penn State with a business degree, leads the brand. She aims to connect with both longtime fans of her father and newer audiences. Notoriouss is more than just clothes; it’s a tribute to Biggie Smalls, blending his iconic style with today’s urban fashion.

C.J.’s activism for criminal justice reform

T’yanna Wallace turns her creativity to fashion, while her brother CJ Wallace works on criminal justice reform. He honors their father’s legacy by tackling issues that affect African American communities.

CJ has seen these problems firsthand, the same ones their father once rapped about. He speaks publicly, joins forces with non-profits, and supports reform initiatives. CJ fights to change the rules on policing and sentencing. His work not only remembers Biggie Smalls but also fights the broader issues of inequality and injustice in the justice system. CJ aims to make justice fair for everyone.

Relationship with Notorious B.I.G.’s Widow, Faith Evans

Relationship with Notorious B.I.G.'s Widow, Faith Evans

Faith’s role as a stepmother

Faith Evans, as a stepmother, significantly influenced Christopher Wallace Jr., her son with Biggie Smalls. As a famous R&B singer who was close to Biggie, Faith understood his music and life well. She used this knowledge to help CJ understand his father’s importance to music and culture.

Faith made sure that CJ saw Biggie as a famous artist and felt a personal link to his father’s work and dreams, helping him develop a deep respect and pride for his background.

Family dynamics and support

Faith Evans, who was married to Notorious B.I.G. and is the mother of his son CJ Wallace, has a strong bond with her son and stepdaughter, Tyanna Wallace. They often come together to honor Biggie’s legacy.

Faith has been vital in guiding CJ and Tyanna as they deal with the fame associated with their father. They work as a team, attending events and working on projects that remember Biggie. This shows their strong family connection, which helps them keep Biggie’s cultural influence alive through their artistic and business efforts.


In conclusion, Biggie Smalls’ children, Tyanna and CJ Wallace, work hard to keep their father’s memory alive. Tyanna, with her Notoriouss clothing line, and CJ, through his work in music and film, each take their own paths to honor their father’s impact.

They ensure that Biggie Smalls’ influence is still felt today, showing that his creativity continues to inspire. As they move forward in their careers, Tyanna and CJ do more than just carry on their father’s name; they add to the story of hip-hop and its lasting effect on the world.

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