Snapchat Emoji: Meanings And Symbols Unveiled

Key Takeaways

  • Snapchat emojis show how often and how deeply users interact.
  • Each emoji, like the Red Heart or Smirking Face, represents different types of friendships.
  • Emojis change as the friendship changes, showing shifts in how often friends talk.
  • Some emojis, such as the Hourglass, remind users to keep talking to maintain their streaks.
  • Knowing what these symbols mean can help users connect better on Snapchat.


Snapchat emojis show how users interact, changing with the frequency and type of their chats. These symbols, next to user names, quickly show the status of friendships.

Each emoji, from the yellow heart to the grimacing face, tells us about the connection between friends. They use simple visuals to express complex social dynamics. As relationships evolve, so do the emojis, keeping a real-time track of one’s social circle on Snapchat. This makes them vital for understanding social ties on the app.

Understanding Snapchat Emojis

Snapchat Emojis

What are Snapchat Emojis?

Snapchat emojis are simple tools that show how often you talk to your friends. They change as you send more messages. These emojis tell you about your friendship level, showing who you chat with most. As you talk more, the emojis next to your friends’ names update, making it fun to see how your relationships grow.

Yellow HeartShort termBest friends
Red Heart2 weeksVery good friends
Pink Hearts2 monthsClosest friends
Smiley FaceAny timeGood friends, not top

This feature makes chatting more competitive and fun, pushing you to keep in touch.

How do they appear next to your friends’ names?

To see how you connect with friends on Snapchat, look for emojis next to their names in your chat list. Snapchat places these emojis to show different friendship levels, based on how often you chat.

They change as your chatting habits change, giving you a quick view of your closest contacts and the nature of your chats. These emojis are a simple way to see the strength and frequency of your interactions with each friend.

What do they signify?

Understanding Snapchat emojis can help you see how people interact on the app. These symbols show how often users message each other and what their relationship is like.

Here’s what some key emojis mean:

  • Yellow Heart: You both send the most snaps to each other.
  • Red Heart: You’ve been each other’s top friend for 2 weeks, showing you chat a lot.
  • Pink Hearts: You’ve been top friends for 2 months, meaning a deep, lasting friendship.
  • Smiley Face: This person is a best friend, but not the top one, showing a solid friendship.
  • Grimacing Face: You and someone else have the same top friend, indicating a shared connection.

Commonly Used Snapchat Emojis

Baby emoji

snapchat emojis

The Baby emoji on Snapchat means you’ve just made a new friend. It shows up when you add someone new, signaling the start of your Snapchat interactions. This emoji is a simple reminder to begin chatting and snapping with your new friend.

  • Fresh Start: It’s a chance to start a new friendship.
  • Reminder: It prompts you to chat and learn about your new friend.
  • Initial Phase: It marks the beginning of your interactions on Snapchat.
  • Motivational: It encourages you to start engaging with new people.
  • Tracking Tool: It helps you keep track of new friends.

Gold star emoji

snapchat emojis

The Gold Star emoji on Snapchat means someone replayed a snap in the last 24 hours. It shows that the snap was appealing, earning it a mark of popularity. This emoji motivates users to make good, engaging content, helping to keep Snapchat creative and active.

Gold StarSnap replayed within 24 hoursMarks appealing content
FireShows an ongoing SnapstreakRewards regular communication
HourglassSnapstreak ending soonReminds to keep the streak up

This table helps you quickly understand some key Snapchat emojis and what they mean.

Yellow heart emoji

Yellow heart

A yellow heart emoji on Snapchat means you and another user are each other’s top friends. You send more Snaps to each other than to anyone else. Here’s what it shows:

  • Top Interaction: You send Snaps to this person more than anyone else.
  • Daily Engagement: You probably snap each other every day.
  • Mutual Preference: Both of you choose to snap each other often.
  • Dynamic Indicator: This can change if you start snapping someone else more.
  • Friendship Status: It shows you have a strong connection on Snapchat.

This emoji makes it easy to see who you connect with most on the platform.

Red heart emoji

Red heart emoji

The red heart emoji on Snapchat shows that you’ve been each other’s top friend for at least two straight weeks. This darker heart symbolizes not just frequent chats but also a steady, ongoing friendship. Moving from a yellow to a red heart signals that your relationship is growing stronger, showing that you both consistently make an effort to connect.

Yellow HeartBest friends for less than 2 weeks
Red HeartBest friends for at least 2 consecutive weeks
Pink HeartsBest friends for at least 2 straight months

The red heart marks an essential time in online friendships, showing a significant stretch of regular communication.

Pink hearts emoji

The pink hearts emoji on Snapchat means you’ve been each other’s top friend for two months. It’s more than just an emoji; it’s a sign that your friendship is vital because you talk a lot and share experiences.

This emoji shows you both care about keeping the friendship going beyond just casual chats.

  • Enduring Connection: You’ve been interacting for two months straight.
  • Exclusive Interaction: You’re each other’s number one friend.
  • High Engagement: You send snaps back and forth often.
  • Mutual Effort: Both of you put in equal effort to maintain this status.
  • Celebratory Symbol: It celebrates a significant friendship milestone.

Birthday cake emoji

When discussing how emojis show the value of lasting friendships, the Birthday Cake Emoji on Snapchat stands out. It pops up next to a friend’s name on their birthday. This happens if they’ve added their birthdate in Snapchat’s settings.

The emoji is a simple reminder to wish them well. It helps strengthen personal connections on the platform, building a sense of community and celebration. This feature, though small, makes the Snapchat experience more personal and engaging.

Smiling face emoji

The Smiling Face emoji on Snapchat indicates that you have a good friend there, although not your closest one. It signifies that both of you exchange a lot of snaps with each other.

  • Regular Snaps: You both snap each other often.
  • Not the Top Friend: They matter a lot, but aren’t your number one friend on Snapchat.
  • Friendship Matters: It shows you both value your friendship.
  • Changes Over Time: This emoji can change depending on how often you snap each other.
  • Track Relationships: It helps you see how well you keep up with friends on the app.

Face with sunglasses emoji

Face with sunglasses emoji

The Face with Sunglasses emoji on Snapchat shows you and another user share a best friend on the app. This emoji pops up when the same person is both your top friend. It points to a connection more profound than just regular friendship.

😎 Face with SunglassesYou both have the same best friend
🙂 Smiling FaceClose but not best friend
❤️ Red HeartBest friends for two weeks

This emoji isn’t just about being friends; it adds a touch of coolness to your chats, showing that you both talk a lot with the same person.

Grimacing face emoji

The Grimacing Face emoji on Snapchat means you and someone else both consider the same person your closest friend. This emoji shows up next to a user’s name to point out this shared connection, making your social circle more interesting.

  • Clear Signal: Tells you when your top friend is also top for someone else.
  • Fun Twist: Makes friendships more intriguing.
  • Relationship Clues: Helps you understand your friendships better.
  • Interaction Hint: Indicates you both chat a lot with the same person.
  • Playful Touch: Makes using Snapchat more fun.

Smirking face emoji

Why does the Smirking Face emoji show up next to some names on Snapchat? This emoji means there’s a one-sided relationship. It shows up next to people who send you lots of Snaps, but you don’t send many back to them.

These people aren’t in your ‘Best Friends’ list, but you are in theirs. This means they think you’re more important in their Snapchat world than they are in yours. The smirking emoji points out this imbalance, suggesting they feel a bit more special in this digital friendship.

Fire emoji

The Fire emoji on Snapchat shows a Snapstreak. It means two users have snapped each other every day for several days in a row. This emoji marks regular chats, showing that friends are actively talking. It encourages users to keep their streak going, helping them stay connected in their online friendships.

  • Daily Interaction: Pushes for daily messages, keeping chats active.
  • Friendly Competition: Sparks a light competition to see who can keep the streak going longer.
  • Engagement Reminder: Reminds you to reply so you don’t break the streak.
  • Milestone Celebrations: Users celebrate when they hit big streak numbers.
  • Visual Appeal: Makes the chat look fun.

One hundred emoji

Building on the theme of engagement, the 100 Emoji on Snapchat marks a special event: keeping a Snapstreak with a friend for 100 days. This emoji shows both the regularity of chatting and the strong friendships that grow from connecting online.

EmojiEmotion Conveyed

The table shows how deep emotional bonds can develop through regular online chats. Each entry highlights a feeling linked to maintaining a 100-day Snapstreak, underlining the importance of daily communication with friends on Snapchat.

Hourglass emoji

The Hourglass Emoji on Snapchat warns you when your Snapstreak is about to end. It’s a crucial nudge for those who regularly use Snapchat, stressing that you need to act fast to keep up your streak.

  • Acts quickly: Pushes you to send snaps promptly to maintain the streak.
  • Keeps you active: Encourages daily exchanges.
  • Shows urgency: The running out sand reminds you time is short.
  • Prevents mistakes: Stops you from accidentally breaking the streak.
  • Shows connection: Indicates ongoing communication with a friend.


Snapchat’s Pushpin emoji helps you keep track of essential chats. It’s excellent for anyone juggling many conversations and wanting to quickly find critical discussions. The Pushpin emoji acts as a clear sign and a way to organize, making it easier and smoother to handle your communications.

📌 PushpinMarks important chats
🔍 Magnifying GlassSearch within a chat
📍 PinKeep messages at the top
📂 FolderSort messages by category

This table shows how Snapchat’s emojis help you manage your chats better.

Decoding Snapchat Zodiac Emojis

Snapchat Zodiac Emojis

In this part of our guide on Snapchat, we look at Zodiac Emojis. We’ll cover the meanings of the Purple Zodiac Emojis, the role of Planet Emojis, and how you can change your Friend Emojis to make your chats more personal.

Each emoji gives us a glimpse into who someone is and what they like, making Snapchat more fun and personal.

Purple Zodiac Emoji Meanings

In Snapchat, Purple Zodiac Emojis let users share their star signs in a lively, attractive way. These bright icons not only spice up chats but also allow people express their astrological signs creatively.

  • Aries Emoji (♈): Stands for those who are active and brave.
  • Taurus Emoji (♉): Represents those who are dependable and practical.
  • Gemini Emoji (♊): Points to those who are flexible and communicative.
  • Cancer Emoji (♋): Shows those who are emotional and caring.
  • Leo Emoji (♌): Symbolizes those who lead and give generously.

These emojis mix digital communication with a touch of astrology in a fun way.

Planets Emoji Meanings

Have you ever wondered what the different planet emojis mean on Snapchat’s Zodiac feature? These emojis aren’t just for show; they’re linked to astrology, each one representing a different zodiac sign. For example, the Ram emoji stands for Aries, and the Bull represents Taurus.

These symbols give users a quick way to know their own sign or their friends’ signs. Snapchat adds these emojis next to usernames based on the birthdates users provide in the app’s settings. This feature makes the user experience more enjoyable by mixing astrology into everyday chats and adds a fun element, letting users quickly see the zodiac traits that might be influencing their interactions.

Customizing Your Friend Emojis

You can adjust the Friend Emojis and use Zodiac Emojis to show a bit about yourself based on your star sign. These changes make your chats more engaging and personal.

  • Set your birthday: Turn on Zodiac Emojis by entering your birthday in the app.
  • Go to settings: Change your Friend Emojis in the settings menu.
  • Learn about signs: Each Zodiac Emoji represents different star sign traits.
  • Talk better: Use specific emojis to connect more personally.
  • Make it your own: Customize your chat to make it look good and feel suitable for you and your friends.


To wrap up, knowing what Snapchat emojis mean can help you see how users connect and build friendships on the app. These symbols act like a secret code, quickly showing the strength and type of relationships users have. Emojis like the yellow heart, red heart, and pink hearts show how long and close friendships are, and they make daily chats more enjoyable.

This understanding improves the Snapchat experience and helps users better grasp their social interactions on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Reset Your Snapchat Emojis to Default Settings?

To reset Snapchat emojis to their original settings, go to settings in the app, tap ‘Customize Emojis,’ and hit the option to reset to defaults. This brings back the standard emoji settings.

Can Snapchat Emojis Be Hidden From Certain Friends?

Snapchat does not let you hide emojis from certain friends. Emojis appear based on how much you chat and everyone in the chat can see them.

What Happens to Emojis if You Stop Snapping for a While?

If you stop snapping for a while, the emojis on Snapchat might vanish or change. This shows the drop in interaction and could change how friends are marked in the app.

Are the Emoji Meanings the Same in All Countries?

Snapchat emojis mostly mean the same thing worldwide, showing common ideas of friendship and how we talk to each other, even though different cultures might see these symbols a bit differently.

How Often Does Snapchat Update Their Emoji Meanings?

Snapchat regularly checks and updates its emoji meanings to ensure they match how users interact and the latest trends. This keeps the emoji system up-to-date and true to how users connect and behave.

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