The Intriguing Life Of Rose Hanbury And Her Twin Sons: A Closer Look

Key Takeaways

  • Rose Hanbury lives with her twin sons, Alexander and Oliver, at the historic Houghton Hall in Norfolk.
  • The twins, born in October 2009, learn about aristocratic traditions and sometimes go to significant public events.
  • They grow up privately, mixing their noble roots with an everyday life, away from intense media attention.
  • Their father, David Cholmondeley, is vital in keeping the family estate’s cultural and historical importance.
  • Even with public rumors about their mother, the family stays private and keeps the children out of the spotlight.

Lady Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, lives a life that attracts public attention yet is deeply committed to her family. She is a crucial figure in British high society, engaging in charity work and preserving cultural heritage.

She lives in Houghton Hall, a historical site, and works to keep its importance alive. Although she makes few public appearances, when she does, she captures widespread interest, underscoring her position in the aristocracy. Despite rumors about her ties to the royal family, Lady Rose keeps a calm and private demeanor, focusing on her societal contributions and her family’s legacy.

Rose Hanbury’s Family Life

Her husband, David Cholmondeley

rose hanbury daughter photo

David Cholmondeley, also known as the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, married Lady Rose Hanbury in June 2009. They have three children together.

As an aristocrat, David plays a crucial role in his family and as the keeper of Houghton Hall, a responsibility handed down through generations. He looks after cultural and historical assets tied to his title. David enjoys filmmaking and the arts, which he incorporates into events at Houghton Hall.

Her twin sons, Alexander and Oliver

Alexander Hugh George Cholmondeley, Earl of Rocksavage, and his twin brother, Lord Oliver Timothy George Cholmondeley, grew up at Houghton Hall, deeply connected to their aristocratic roots. Born in October 2009, they have lived a life that mixes tradition with the peaceful countryside of Norfolk.

rose hanbury children

Raised away from intense media attention, they attended private schools and occasionally participated in significant events. For example, Lord Oliver served as a Page of Honour at King Charles III’s coronation. Their upbringing balances their heritage with an everyday life.

Her daughter, Iris

Iris Marina Aline Cholmondeley was born in March 2016. She is the youngest child of Lady Rose Hanbury and David Rocksavage. Iris lives with her family at Houghton Hall in Norfolk, a place steeped in history. Her twin brothers are much older and have started attending public events, but Iris’s life is more private. Her parents have kept her away from the public eye, focusing on her privacy.

rose hanbury daughter photo
Birth Year2016Youngest in the family
ResidenceHoughton Hall, NorfolkHistoric family home
PrivacyHighly protectedLimited public appearances
SiblingsTwin brothersOlder by several years

This table shows key points about Iris’s life, highlighting how her family values both their heritage and her privacy.

The Rumors and Controversy Surrounding Rose Hanbury

Her supposed affair with Prince William

Rumors that Rose Hanbury and Prince William had an affair have been around since 2019. These rumors got more attention when people noticed some awkwardness between Hanbury and the British royal family at public events.

Many media sources and social media discussed every detail of their interactions and the times they were not seen together. However, both Hanbury and Prince William have vehemently denied these rumors through their representatives. Their legal teams have stated that these rumors are entirely untrue.

Public interest in her family life

  • Public interest in Rose Hanbury’s family life has grown because of ongoing rumors linking her with the British royal family.
  • People are now more curious about her twin sons and their life at Houghton Hall.
  • The frequent rumors keep everyone guessing about her children’s daily routines, which are usually private.
  • This curiosity increases when she occasionally shares glimpses of her family life on social media or during public outings.
  • As the public scrutiny increases, it becomes harder to separate her private family moments from public interest, putting more spotlight on Rose and her family.

The truth behind the rumors and speculation

Rose Hanbury has always denied the rumors of an affair with Prince William, which started in 2019. Despite this, the rumors continue, partly because Kate Middleton has been absent from some public events, which made people pay more attention to Lady Rose.

There’s no actual proof of these rumors, and both sides say they are not valid. The royal family and Lady Rose’s people have called the rumors baseless and stress their need for privacy. Still, these rumors have led to broader discussions on privacy, the role of the media, and the challenges that public figures face today.


In conclusion, the lives of Lady Rose Hanbury and her family continue to attract public attention with their mix of historical heritage and modern scandals. Their story is like a rich tapestry that combines old traditions with today’s world.

  1. Historic Houghton Hall: This old family home, filled with centuries of history, is where the young heirs play among impressive architecture.
  2. Private Family Moments: These rare peeks into their lives show a close family that stays out of the constant public spotlight.
  3. Controversial Whispers: Baseless rumors keep their public image intriguing and complex.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Hobbies of Rose Hanbury’s Twin Sons?

Rose Hanbury’s twin sons, Alexander and Oliver, like skateboarding and roller skating. They often do these activities in the large area around their home at Houghton Hall in Norfolk.

How Do the Twins Interact With Their Younger Sister Iris?

The twin sons of Rose Hanbury care deeply for their younger sister, Iris. They spend time together at home, building a strong sibling bond.

What Educational Paths Are the Twins Pursuing?

The twins, Alexander and Oliver, are studying at top schools. They are taking courses that mix schoolwork with other activities, chosen to match their interests and what their family expects.

Have the Twins Participated in Any Public Royal Events?

The twins have taken part in royal public events. For example, Lord Oliver was a Page of Honour at King Charles III’s coronation, showing their involvement in important ceremonies.

Do the Twins Have Any Roles or Responsibilities at Houghton Hall?

At Houghton Hall, Rose Hanbury’s twin sons focus on their own interests. They often skateboard around the large, historic estate.

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