Philip Pilmar: Life After Tragedy

Key Takeaways

  • Philip Pilmar works as a skilled Assistant U.S. Attorney in New York.
  • He received the Generals Award for Distinguished Service in January 2024.
  • Despite her conviction, Philip still believes his mother Roslyn is innocent.
  • He manages a tough legal job while also supporting his family, including his wife, Dr. Larissa D. Gabelman.
  • His past hardships drive his commitment to public service and legal work.

Philip Pilmar grew up wealthy on the Upper East Side. His life changed completely when his father, Howard Pilmar, was murdered in 1996. Howard was a well-known New York businessman and his murder was a mystery for a long time.

The media and legal battles that followed his father’s death deeply impacted Philip. In 2019, Philip’s mother, Roslyn, and his uncle, Evan Wald, were arrested and convicted for the murder. This tragedy and the family issues that followed affected Philip’s life and his career choices deeply.

The Tragedy of Philip Pilmar

The Tragedy of Philip Pilmar

His father’s murder

In March 1996, a New York businessman named Howard Pilmar was killed in his office. He was stabbed multiple times, shocking the city and profoundly affecting his family.

Howard owned a successful business that provided office supplies and coffee services, which led people to wonder if his murder was connected to his business. Despite a thorough investigation, the lack of clear evidence and suspects meant the case went unsolved for years. The ongoing media attention kept the public interested and continued to impact the Pilmar family, making this event a significant and tragic part of their lives.

His mother’s conviction

His mother's conviction

More than twenty years after Howard Pilmar was killed, his wife Roslyn and her brother Evan Wald were found guilty of the crime. This verdict was crucial for their son, Philip.

A lengthy investigation had finally connected Roslyn and Evan to the murder scene through crucial forensic evidence. This verdict ended a problematic period for Philip, who had lived under the shadow of his father’s unsolved murder. Despite this, Philip still believes his mother is innocent. He continues to defend her and argues that the trial’s evidence was wrong and misinterpreted.

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Life After the Tragedy

Successful career as a lawyer

Successful career as a lawyer

Philip Pilmar has built a remarkable career as an Assistant United States Attorney despite his family’s troubled history. After graduating from New York University School of Law, he quickly moved up the ranks, recognized for his dedication and pursuit of justice.

In January 2024, he was honored with the Generals Award for Distinguished Service. Pilmar is known for his strong defense, especially when advocating for his mother’s innocence. His involvement in major cases and the praise from Attorney General Merrick Garland demonstrate his significant impact and commitment to the legal field, showing his ability to overcome personal obstacles and make meaningful contributions to public service.

Current whereabouts and lifestyle

Philip Pilmar lives in New York and is a busy Assistant United States Attorney. Despite his family’s complicated past, he works hard at work and home.

In January 2024, he received the Generals Award for Distinguished Service, showcasing his success at work. Philip also fights for his mother, whom he believes was wrongly convicted. He thinks this mistake impacts both his personal life and his work.

Philip is married to Dr. Larissa D. Gabelman, and together they strive to create a calm and supportive home environment. This peaceful setting starkly contrasts the challenges Philip faced earlier in life. His dedication to his job and his commitment to his home life illustrate how he is moving forward after enduring tragedy.


Philip Pilmar shows strong resilience and dedication. After facing a profound personal tragedy, he built a successful career in public service. His commitment to justice and strong family support have helped him immensely. His story shows how people can endure tough times and stresses the importance of family and commitment to work.

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