Who Is Peso Pluma’s Girlfriend? All About Nicki Nicole

In the fast-changing world of celebrity news, people are really into Peso Pluma’s love life. He’s dating Nicki Nicole, a rising Latin music star who’s also a big deal in Argentine music. They’ve been seen together at significant events, looking happy.

This public display confirmed their relationship and opened a new chapter. They cleverly chose to announce it during a show, mixing their personal and professional lives. Later, they appeared together at the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards, showing off their partnership and supporting each other’s music careers.

Who is Nicki Nicole?

Singer, songwriter, rapper

Who is Nicki Nicole

Nicki Nicole, from Rosario, Argentina, really stands out in music as a singer, songwriter, and rapper. She was born on August 25, 2000, and quickly made waves with her first song, ‘Wapo Trakatero,’ in 2019.

Her style mixes different urban genres, and her unique voice quickly caught people’s attention. Nicki talks about her own life in her songs, which many people worldwide relate to. Her work with DJ Bizarrap got a lot of views online and made her even more popular.

2020 she was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. Today, Nicki Nicole continues to be a big name in the changing world of Latin music.

Previously dated Argentinian rapper Trueno

Before she was with Peso Pluma, Nicki Nicole dated the Argentinian rapper Trueno. They first teamed up on the song ‘Mamichula’ back in 2020. This track really helped both their careers take off.

They weren’t just work partners; they started dating, and their fans loved it. They were often seen affectionate in public, making them quite the celebrity couple. But things ended in 2022. Nicki Nicole poured her feelings about their breakup into her 2023 album ‘Alma,’ showing just how deep their relationship went.

Relationship with Peso Pluma

Confirmed relationship during Peso Pluma’s concert in 2023

Relationship with Peso Pluma

At a 2023 concert, Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole finally told everyone they were dating. This big news came out during a show, turning the concert into more than just music.

Everyone had been guessing about their relationship because they seemed so close. By sharing this at the concert, they made their personal life a part of their music careers, right in front of their fans. This move made their fans really happy and showed that they were genuine people, not just artists.

Made red carpet debut at Latin Grammys in 2023

In November 2023, Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole stepped out together for the first time at the Latin Grammy Awards. It was a big moment, confirming rumors that they were more than just friends. They both looked sharp and clearly enjoyed being there together, turning heads and drawing lots of attention.

Being at such a big event, they showed off their talents and their strong connection as a couple. For fans watching them, seeing them together like this felt special. It showed they’re serious about each other and added a whole new side to how we see them.

Split in 2024

After they showed up at the Latin Grammys, there’s been talk that Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole have split up. They first got together at an award show in late 2023, and everyone’s been watching them since then. Nicki recently deleted all their photos from her social media, which got people talking.

She also posted something vague about respecting and caring for yourself, which seems to hint at some trouble between them. They haven’t said they’ve broken up, but the way they’ve been acting lately and what they’re posting online makes everyone think their relationship might be over.

Current Relationship Status

Rumored to be dating Gabrielle Britez after split with Peso Pluma

Rumored to be dating Gabrielle Britez after split with Peso Pluma

Nicki Nicole might be dating Gabrielle Britez after her breakup with Peso Pluma. People started talking when they saw them together at events, looking close. The media noticed they seemed to get along well, which added to the rumors.

But, Nicki Nicole and Gabrielle Britez haven’t said if they’re dating, so everyone is just guessing based on what they see at events and online. This new relationship rumor has everyone talking and watching what happens next in Nicki Nicole’s personal life.


Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma’s relationship has caught everyone’s attention, showing how much people love to follow celebrity couples. They started out showing a lot of love for each other, and both being in the music scene, they seemed to click.

But now, it’s hard to say where they stand. This shows that celebrity relationships can be pretty short-lived and that social media really shapes how we see these relationships. It’s a reminder of how quickly things can change in the spotlight.

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