Inside The Life Of Mark Normand’s Wife: Mae Planert Revealed

Key Takeaways

  • Mae Planert is a skilled stand-up comedian recognized for her clever humor and perceptive takes on social issues.
  • She co-hosts the popular podcasts ‘We Were Had’ and ‘Risque Business News.’
  • Mae and fellow comedian Mark Normand got married on November 10, 2022, in New Orleans.
  • They met at The Stand Comedy Club in NYC, connecting over their love for comedy.
  • Mae and Mark work on different creative projects, boosting each other’s comedy careers.

Mae Planert, a talented comedian, podcaster, and writer, has made her mark in entertainment with her unique humor and sharp insights. She hosts two podcasts: ‘We Were Had’ and ‘Risque Business News. In ‘We Were Had,’ Planert dives into mysteries, offering straightforward commentary that grips her listeners.

In ‘Risque Business News,’ she and a co-host tackle workplace scandals, using her wit to expose hypocrisy and double standards. Planert’s work entertains and encourages her audience to think, setting her apart in a competitive industry.

Meet Mae Planert – Who She Is and What She Does

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Stand-up comedian

Mae Planert, a skilled stand-up comedian, stands out with her sharp humor and insightful jokes. She easily handles tricky topics like work scandals and societal double standards, making her a notable figure in the crowded comedy world.

Mae hosts popular podcasts like ‘We Were Had’ and ‘Risque Business News,’ where she mixes serious talk with her natural funny side. Her jokes do more than just make people laugh; they make people think, establishing her as a powerful voice in modern comedy.

Mae’s commitment to comedy and her unique view make her a rising star in entertainment.

Mae Planert and Mark Normand’s Marriage

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How they met

At The Stand Comedy Club in New York City, Mae Planert met Mark Normand while she was on a different date. Mark’s sharp humor and charisma struck her on stage.

This unexpected meeting made a strong impression on her, leading her to contact Mark on social media later. Their immediate connection turned quickly into a serious relationship.

They loved comedy and shared a similar sense of humor, drawing them closer. Their romance seemed meant to be from the very beginning.

Their wedding in New Orleans

Mark Normand and Mae Planert got married in New Orleans on November 10, 2022. Their wedding captured the lively essence of their hometown, mixing classic Southern style with modern flair.

The venue was decorated with local flowers and soft lights, creating a beautiful setting. Family and friends joined them, enjoying live jazz music throughout the evening.

Their vows were sincere and funny, showing their strong bond and making the event a formal occasion and a true celebration of their love.

Supporting each other’s careers

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In their marriage, Mae Planert and Mark Normand both work hard to support each other’s careers in comedy. Mae, who is becoming well-known as a comedian and podcaster, often talks about the challenging parts of working in comedy on her shows. Mark helps by promoting her podcasts and sometimes sharing his own experiences.

On the other hand, Mark’s career in stand-up comedy gets a boost from Mae’s skills in media and marketing, helping him reach more people. They help each other grow professionally and keep a strong relationship, making it easier to handle their busy careers in entertainment. This teamwork is crucial for their success.

Working on projects together

Mae Planert and Mark Normand often collaborate on creative projects in their comedy careers. Their partnership spans their personal and professional lives, especially in podcasting and stand-up comedy.

They create content that combines Mae’s sharp wit with Mark’s precise comedic timing, creating engaging and funny material. This collaboration strengthens their relationship and boosts their careers by exposing them to each other’s audiences.

Their joint work, which mixes Mae’s skill in discussing complex topics humorously and Mark’s ability to deliver strong jokes, has been successful and highlights them as a prominent comedy duo.


Mae Planert moved from the corporate world to comedy, showing her ability to adapt and be creative. She went from a strict business environment to the unpredictable comedy scene, proving she can succeed in different areas. Mae and her husband, Mark Normand, have made a special place for themselves in comedy by mixing personal stories with comments on society. Her podcasts, ‘We Were Had’ and ‘Risque Business News,’ are funny and make people think.

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