Jess Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement: Who Is The Baby Daddy?

Key Takeaways

  • Jess Hilarious’ baby’s father is her boyfriend, Chris.
  • Chris shared the pregnancy news on Jess’s 32nd birthday.
  • Jess and Chris started dating publicly in July 2023.
  • Chris has built a good relationship with Jess’s son, Ashton.
  • Since July 2023, Jess and Chris have been seen together at many events.


Jess Hilarious, a well-known comedian and media figure, recently announced her second pregnancy on The Breakfast Club. This news marks a critical time in her personal life and career.

As she continues to establish herself in the entertainment world, moving from social media fame to a respected radio host, this announcement reflects her personal growth. It also connects deeply with her audience who have watched her evolve through different career stages. Jess’s journey shows how personal achievements can intertwine with professional development, making her more relatable and strengthening her bond with fans.

Jess Hilarious’ Pregnancy Announcement

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Revealing she’s pregnant with second child on ‘The Breakfast Club’

On ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Jess Hilarious shared that she’s expecting her second child. She seemed thrilled as she announced the radio show, where she recently became a co-host. Jess, who is three months pregnant, spoke about looking forward to growing her family.

Her fellow hosts, DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God, congratulated her, adding to the cheerful mood. Jess’s news was a big personal moment for her and showed how her work and personal life are coming together.

Who is the father of her baby?

The father of Jess Hilarious’ second child is her boyfriend, Chris. He announced the pregnancy on her birthday, during her interview on The Breakfast Club. Here’s a simple overview of their relationship:

Start DateThey made their relationship public in July 2023.
AnnouncementChris shared the news on Jess’s 32nd birthday, during the show.
AppearancesThey’ve been seen together at year-round events.
FamilyChris has gotten close with Jess’s son, Ashton, since July 2023.
Social MediaJess posts about their life together starting July 2023.

This table shows their relationship leading up to when they shared their pregnancy news.

jess hilarious pregnancy

Speculations and Reactions

Social media reactions to the announcement

Jess Hilarious announced her pregnancy on The Breakfast Club, sparking a flood of congratulations and speculation on social media. Fans were thrilled and sent their best wishes to her and her partner, Chris. Many also wondered about her family life, especially her close relationship with her son Ashton and how she co-parents with her ex, Gerome.

Discussions abounded about how she would manage her growing family and media career. The news was incredibly positive, underscoring Jess’s popularity and influence.

Addressing Trick Daddy’s comments

  1. Surprise and Curiosity: Many are surprised and eager to understand what Trick Daddy said.
  2. Support for Jess: A lot of her fans are backing her, appreciating her private handling of personal matters.
  3. Criticism of Trick Daddy: Others are criticizing Trick Daddy for his unnecessary comments.
  4. Rumors and Speculation: His statements have sparked new rumors and guesses about Jess’s personal life.

Rumors about her baby’s father

There’s a lot of talk about the father of Jess Hilarious’s baby. Jess has been in a relationship with Chris, who’s been seen with her at significant events and mentioned on her social media.

After she announced her pregnancy, people started guessing about their relationship and the timing of the news. This has sparked various reactions online, from excitement to curiosity. People are keenly following Jess’s motherhood journey again, discussing her personal and professional life.


In conclusion, Jess Hilarious’s journey through comedy, motherhood, and now expecting another child, showcases her resilience and adaptability. Adding another child will enrich her family life and strengthen their bonds. Professionally, her role on The Breakfast Club offers growth and influence. She fosters a supportive community among her fans by sharing significant life moments. Additionally, her amicable co-parenting relationship serves as a commendable example of handling family responsibilities. These points highlight Jess as a dedicated and adaptable individual.

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