Is 21 Savage Currently Married? Details On The Rapper’s Divorce Rumors

Key Takeaways

  • 21 Savage is married to Keyanna Joseph, who owns a cosmetics and skincare business.
  • There are rumors about 21 Savage cheating with rapper Latto, raising doubts about his marriage.
  • Reports and their public behavior indicate growing strains between 21 Savage and Keyanna Joseph.
  • There has been no official word on whether they are getting a divorce.
  • Their marriage is essential for 21 Savage’s legal issues, like his immigration status.


21 Savage, born Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, might face deportation back to Britain after his divorce from Keyanna Joseph. This divorce threatens his status in the U.S., where he has lived since his visa expired.

The situation is complex as it involves personal privacy and severe legal consequences, which could significantly impact the rapper’s future. Understanding this marital crisis is crucial for anticipating what might happen next in his personal and professional life.

Is 21 Savage Currently Married?

Who is 21 Savage’s wife?

is 21 savage married

Keyanna Joseph, married to rapper 21 Savage, owns a cosmetics and skincare business called Beauty By Nukee. Recently, rumors of divorce have been sparked by accusations of 21 Savage being unfaithful.

Keyanna became well-known when 21 Savage faced legal issues with his immigration, with their marriage becoming a key factor. Despite these challenges, she keeps a low profile and concentrates on her business. Her connection with 21 Savage has been crucial in personal and legal matters, especially concerning his status in the U.S.

Rumors and speculations about 21 Savage’s marriage

Rumors about rapper 21 Savage’s marriage and personal life are widespread. He is married to Keyanna Joseph, but there are whispers of a possible relationship with rapper Latto. These rumors are getting a lot of attention because his marriage is crucial for his legal residency in the U.S. The public is very interested in both his marriage and his immigration status, as both could significantly affect his future.

RelationshipMarried to Keyanna Joseph
Alleged AffairPossible relationship with rapper Latto
Immigration LinkMarriage crucial for legal residency
Public InterestHigh, impacts his future

These issues put 21 Savage’s personal and legal situations under the microscope, raising concerns about their stability.

Details on Recent Divorce Rumors

Alleged split from wife Keyanna Joseph

Reports suggest that 21 Savage and his wife, Keyanna Joseph, might be considering a divorce. Their relationship issues have become a hot topic among fans and the media, sparking questions about what lies ahead. The couple has faced increasing tensions, noticeable even during their public outings.

Despite being in the public eye, 21 Savage and Keyanna have kept quiet about their marital problems. If they do divorce, it could have significant personal and legal impacts on 21 Savage, especially regarding his immigration status.

Possible involvement with rapper Latto

21 savage wife

21 Savage is rumored to be having an affair with rapper Latto, and this is causing trouble in his marriage to Keyanna Joseph. People started talking more after Latto was seen with 21 Savage and got a tattoo of his real name, Sheyaa.

This has added stress to his already troubled marriage. The couple’s problems and 21 Savage’s legal issues are now getting much media attention, making things more difficult for him.

Lack of confirmation or denial from 21 Savage’s camp

Amid rumors of marital problems, 21 Savage’s team hasn’t said anything. This silence has led to more gossip and questions about his marriage. No comments from his side make us wonder:

  • Public Relations Strategy: Is this silence a planned move by his PR team to protect his image?
  • Legal Considerations: Are legal issues related to his immigration status stopping them from speaking?
  • Personal Privacy: Are they keeping quiet to protect his personal life, even though the public wants to know?


The personal and legal troubles of rapper 21 Savage are endangering his future in the United States. His marriage to Keyanna Joseph, crucial for his immigration status, is now uncertain due to accusations of unfaithfulness and a looming divorce.

His complicated personal life, mixed with these legal issues, highlights how fragile his situation is. If he gets divorced, it could seriously harm his chances of staying in the U.S., especially with his past immigration problems.

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