How to Save a Video on Snapchat Without Them Knowing 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Record the Snapchat video with another device, so Snapchat won’t notice.
  • Use screen mirroring to show and record the Snapchat video on a bigger screen without being seen.
  • Use silent screenshot tools that work in the background to capture videos without sending notifications.
  • Use Google Assistant to take a screenshot by using voice commands or pressing the Home button.
  • Use apps designed for private screenshots that capture Snapchat content secretly, without sending alerts.

In today’s world, many Snapchat users want to save videos and images without the sender knowing. A simple way to do this is by using another camera to record the device’s screen showing the Snapchat. This method does not trigger any notifications to the sender because it completely avoids Snapchat’s detection systems.

Reasons for Taking Screenshots on Snapchat Without Detection

Reasons for Taking Screenshots on Snapchat Without Detection

To save a funny or memorable moment

Saving a funny or memorable moment on Snapchat quietly lets people keep spontaneous moments that would otherwise disappear.

Since Snapchat messages are short-lived, fun or meaningful exchanges can vanish quickly. By quietly saving these moments, users can build a personal collection of memories that bring joy or laughter when looked back on.

This is especially important for capturing natural, unguarded reactions that often make digital chats enjoyable. Keeping these moments also adds to personal collections of digital keepsakes, allowing people to revisit and share these precious times with close friends or family later, while keeping the moment private.

Ways to Screenshot on Snapchat Secretly

Use a professional screenshot tool

These tools have unique features that can take screenshots without Snapchat noticing. They work quietly in the background and don’t alert the person who sent the snap.

This is useful for those who need to keep snaps without alarming anyone for security, legal, or record-keeping reasons. Professional tools also offer extra features like editing, instant cloud storage, and encryption, making them more valuable and secure.

Choosing one of these tools ensures effective, reliable, and discreet handling of sensitive information.

Use another device to take photos

Use another device to take photos

Use another device to quietly take photos of Snapchat images. This method uses a second phone, tablet, or camera to take a picture or video of the Snapchat content on the original screen.

This might lower the image quality because of screen glare or resolution differences, but it avoids Snapchat’s alerts that tell senders when someone screenshots or records.

Use screen mirroring feature

Screen mirroring is a simple way to show your phone’s screen on another device, like a computer or TV. You start it from your iPhone’s Control Center. Once set up, anything you do on your phone will appear on the other screen.

Use screen mirroring feature

This includes looking at Snaps. You can then take pictures or videos of the Snap from the bigger screen. Before using this for sensitive content, ensure it doesn’t notify the sender.

Test it first, as results can vary with different devices and software.

Use Google Assistant

Have you considered using Google Assistant to quietly take a screenshot on Snapchat? This is handy for Android users who want to save a snap without the sender’s knowledge.

Open the Snapchat app and find the snap you want to keep. Then, start Google Assistant by holding the Home button or saying ‘Hey Google.’ Ask Google Assistant to take a screenshot by speaking or typing your request. This method doesn’t alert the sender like usual screenshot methods.

Do not use built-in screen recorders or enable Airplane Mode

Don’t use the screen recorders with your phone or turn on Airplane Mode to secretly save Snapchat content. These methods used to work, but not anymore. Snapchat can now tell when you’re trying to record or screenshot, which alerts the person you’re capturing.

screen recorders or enable Airplane Mode

This could hurt your relationships and trust with others. Instead, use a different device to record the screen. This way, you avoid problems and respect privacy.


To conclude, advanced screenshot tools or other recording devices can be used to save videos on Snapchat without the sender’s knowledge. These methods ensure privacy and let you keep content for yourself while still respecting others’ privacy.

As technology changes, it’s important to consider the moral issues and technical possibilities of these actions in social media.

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