How To Remove People From Snapchat Group Chats

Key Takeaways

  • Talk to the person one-on-one to explain why they must leave the Snapchat group chat.
  • Use the ‘Remove Member’ option in the group settings by clicking on the person’s name.
  • Start a new group chat without the person to keep things smooth and avoid any drama.
  • Let everyone else in the group know why the person was removed and how it helps the group.
  • Check how the group is doing occasionally and see if everyone contributes positively.


Navigating social dynamics in digital communication, especially in Snapchat group chats, can be challenging. Popular across various age groups, Snapchat allows quick sharing of media and messages, leading to active group conversations.

However, the same features that make Snapchat engaging can also make group interactions tricky. Challenges include making sure everyone feels included and handling any conflicts that come up. Those who lead or are active in these groups must handle these issues carefully to keep peace and respect.

How to Remove Someone from a Snapchat Group

Ask the person to leave the group chat

To remove someone from a Snapchat group, it’s best to ask them to leave privately and explain how their departure might help the group. Keep the talk friendly and straightforward. Stress the importance of understanding each other and keeping friendships outside the group. If everyone is affected, discuss it as a group. This way, you avoid conflicts and let the person decide respectfully.

Create a new group without including the person

how to remove someone from a snap group

If you can’t remove someone directly, starting a new group chat without them is a good option. This way, the group can keep going smoothly without the awkwardness of having to kick someone out.

To do this on Snapchat, just pick the contacts you want in the new group, leaving out the person you don’t want to include. This method works well mainly when you can’t remove people directly on the platform. It’s also a chance to rethink the group’s goals and who’s in them, which might improve the group’s work.

Please explain to everyone why you’re moving to a new group to keep things clear and fair.

Use the “remove member” feature if available

Snapchat lets you kick people out of a group chat. This is useful for keeping the chat healthy, especially when someone is causing trouble or spamming.

To do this, open the group chat and tap on the profile icon or group name at the top. This will take you to the group settings. Here, you’ll see a list of all the members.

how to remove someone from a snap group

Tap on the person you want to remove and choose ‘Remove Member.’ Confirm your choice, and they will be out of the group.

This helps keep the chat clean and focused.


To manage a Snapchat group chat well, you must be clear and respectful. Keeping the group’s peace in mind is important if you need to remove someone from the group. You can talk to them directly, start a new group without them, or use Snapchat’s features to remove them. Always be open and respectful to avoid conflicts. This makes the group better for everyone.

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