How To Manage And Prevent Random Snapchat Adds

Key Takeaways

  • Turn off Quick Add in Snapchat settings to stop random people from adding you.
  • Keep your Snapchat username to yourself. Don’t share it openly.
  • Check your friends list often and remove people you don’t know or want.
  • Set your privacy to only get messages and friend requests from friends you already have.
  • Use the block and report options for spam and suspicious accounts.

A widely used social media app, Snapchat often shows users unexpected friend requests. You can manage and stop these by adjusting your settings. First, turn off the Quick Add feature, which usually leads to these random requests. You can find this option in the app’s settings under ‘Who Can…’

Also, keep your username private and avoid sharing it on other social networks. Make it a habit to check your friends list and remove anyone you don’t want there.

Why Are People Adding You on Snapchat?

Random adds

People often get random friend requests on Snapchat because of its Quick Add feature. This tool suggests new friends by looking at your current friends and their connections.

random people adding me on snapchat

It’s meant to help you meet people who share your interests, but it can also mean getting requests from people you don’t know. The system uses mutual friends and groups to make these suggestions but doesn’t permanently block users who might not be a good fit.

Expanding friend list or follower count

Often, Snapchat users want to boost their online presence by expanding their network. They may aim to build their brand, become influencers, or connect with more people. Users can increase their engagement and visibility on the platform by adding more friends or followers. A more extensive network can also open up chances to make money through ads or partnerships.

It’s useful to remember that each new connection might be part of a strategy to use Snapchat’s social features to increase their reach and influence.

How to Stop Random Snapchat Adds

Turn off Quick Add

Turn off the Quick Add feature to stop random people from adding you on Snapchat. This feature suggests your profile to others based on mutual friends.

To disable it, open Snapchat, click your profile icon or Bitmoji at the top left. Then, go to settings by tapping the gear icon.

random people adding me on snapchat
random people adding me on snapchat

Scroll to ‘Who Can…’ and choose ‘See Me in Quick Add’. Turn this option off to remove your profile from suggestions. This will reduce unwanted friend requests.

random people adding me on snapchat

Ignore random people in the “Added Me” section

Regularly check and ignore unknown users in the ‘Added Me’ section to keep your Snapchat safe. This is key for your privacy and security. When you see a username you don’t know, don’t add them right away. Think about whether you know them or if they might be spam or a phishing attempt.

Reviewing each request carefully helps you avoid unwanted messages and keeps scammers and bots away. Ignoring or deleting these unknown requests protects your privacy and keeps your Snapchat contacts safe and familiar.

Find Snapchat friends through AddMeSnaps or other directories

random people adding me on snapchat
random person added me on snapchat by search

Using sites like AddMeSnaps to find Snapchat friends can expose you to random adds, so tighten your privacy settings. These sites share your Snapchat name with everyone, which might attract people you don’t want.

To keep safe, check your settings often and make sure only people you know can add you. Also, be careful about which sites you share your username on to avoid unwanted contacts and keep your online interactions safe.

Additional Steps to Manage and Prevent Random Adds

Changing your Snapchat username

Changing your Snapchat username isn’t possible directly. You must create a new account if you want a new username. A new username can help keep your account private by making it harder for unwanted users to find you. Choose a username that combines letters and numbers and doesn’t give away your identity or link to your other social media.

1Create New Snapchat AccountStart fresh with a new username
2Select Unique UsernameLess likely to be found by strangers
3Transfer Contacts ManuallyKeep the friends you want

These steps will help you keep your Snapchat more private and reduce random friend requests.

Deleting or deactivating your Snapchat account

If you want to stop strangers from adding you on Snapchat, deleting or deactivating your account is a final option. Visit Snapchat’s support page for precise instructions. Deactivating your account puts it on hold for 30 days. No one can see your account during this time, which stops new adds.

If you delete your account, you have 30 days to change your mind and reactivate it before your data is gone for good. Choose this step only if you’re sure you don’t want to use Snapchat anymore.

Being cautious when talking to strangers on Snapchat

Be careful when talking to strangers on Snapchat to keep your private information safe. If someone you don’t know sends you a friend request, check their profile carefully before accepting.

Don’t share your personal details, like where you live, your phone number, or sensitive pictures with strangers. Set your privacy settings to control who can message you and view your posts.

Also, go through your friends’ list often and remove anyone who looks suspicious or unfamiliar. By doing these simple steps, you can avoid harmful situations and keep your Snapchat experience safe.


To sum up, managing your Snapchat privacy settings well can help stop random people from adding you and make your experience better. Turn off Quick Add and keep your profile hidden from searches by phone number and email to protect your account. Keep your settings up to date to stay safe.

Also, know how to use the block and report tools to deal with spammers and harassers quickly. The best way to keep your Snapchat safe is by regularly checking and adjusting your privacy settings. By doing this, you not only protect your space but also make sure you’re connecting with real people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Legal Repercussions Exist for Blocking Random Users on Snapchat?

Generally, there are no legal issues with blocking random people on Snapchat. You have the right to manage who you interact with and your privacy, as allowed by Snapchat’s rules.

How Do Privacy Settings Impact Snapchat’s Algorithm?

Privacy settings on Snapchat significantly shape its algorithm. They decide who can see and interact with you, influencing how you connect and share content on the app.

Can Previous Snapchat Connections See My Activity After Blocking?

When you block someone on Snapchat, they can’t see what you’re doing anymore, like your stories or where you are. However, they might still see old messages unless you delete those, too, or change your settings to keep things more private.

Are There Age Restrictions for Snapchat’s Privacy Settings?

Snapchat’s privacy settings do not have age limits, but users must be 13 or older to join. Parents should watch and set these settings for younger users.

What Is the Impact of Frequent Privacy Setting Changes on My Account?

Regularly updating your privacy settings can make your account safer. However, it might also confuse people who regularly interact with you about what they can see or do, which could worsen their experience and make your settings seem less consistent.

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