How Old Is Kniko Howard? Draya Michele’s Son’s Age

Key Takeaways

  • Kniko Howard, born in 2002, is about 21 years old in 2023.
  • He is Draya Michele’s oldest son.
  • His birth year, 2002, is well-documented in records and reports.
  • Kniko was often in the spotlight growing up because of his mother’s fame.
  • Media reports sometimes focus on his age and life story.

Kniko Howard was born in 2002 and is the son of Draya Michele, a well-known reality TV star from ‘Basketball Wives LA.’ As of 2023, Kniko is about 21 years old.

His mother, Draya, is famous for her TV roles and business projects. Media often cover Kniko because of his mother’s fame.

Despite this, details about his personal life and activities are kept private, separating his own identity from his mother’s public image.

Kniko Howard – Draya Michele’s Eldest Son

kniko howard

Born in 2002 when she was 17

In 2002, when she was just 17, Draya Michele became a mother to her son, Kniko Howard. It was a tough time because she was still in her teens and didn’t have enough to fully support her son.

Despite these challenges, Draya was determined and worked hard. She managed to create a stable life for Kniko. Her hard work not only helped her son grow but also helped Draya grow personally and professionally.

Currently 21/22 years old

kniko howard age

At 21 or 22, Draya Michele’s oldest son, Kniko Howard, remains in the public eye due to his mother’s high-profile relationships. Born in 2002, Kniko has lived most of his life in the spotlight because of his mother’s fame and her controversial romantic life.

Draya Michele, a reality TV star and entrepreneur, sometimes talks about her experiences raising Kniko alone. Despite the rumors and public interest, Kniko keeps his life private.

As he moves through his early twenties, people are still curious about his life and career, driven by his mother’s continued fame and her recent relationships.

Confirming Howard’s Age

According to HitBerry

According to HitBerry, Kniko Howard was born in 2002, which makes him about 21 years old. This information comes from several reliable sources. Here’s a simple summary of the information:

SourceBirth YearAge
Public Records200221
Media Reports200221

This table shows consistent data from different sources, confirming Kniko Howard’s age. Knowing his exact age helps us understand his relationship with his mother, Draya Michele, and his interactions with other public figures.

Calculation based on Draya’s age and year of birth

To find out how old Kniko Howard is, we need to look at the birth years of both him and his mother, Draya Michele. Draya Michele was born on January 23, 1985. Kniko Howard was born in 2002. This makes the math simple. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Draya Michele was born in 1985.
  • Kniko Howard was born in 2002.
  • Draya Michele was 17 when Kniko was born.
  • The current year is 2023.
  • Kniko Howard is now 21.

Kniko Howard’s Father

Kniko Howard Sr

Kniko Howard Sr., a barber from Pennsylvania, is confirmed to be the father of Draya Michele’s eldest son, Kniko Howard Jr. This confirmation puts an end to long-standing rumors about who Kniko Jr.’s father is. It also gives everyone a clearer picture of Draya Michele’s family life.

Where he livesPennsylvania
His jobBarber
His family roleHe is Kniko Howard Jr.’s father
Past rumorsThere were rumors about his paternity
ResolutionThese rumors have now been resolved

Father of Draya’s 22-year-old son

Draya Michele’s 22-year-old son, Kniko Howard, has a father who is a barber in Pennsylvania named Kniko Howard Sr. This information clears up past rumors about who Kniko’s father might be.

Draya herself shared this to stop the ongoing gossip, showing how tough it can be to handle public attention as a single mom. She kept Kniko Sr.’s identity quiet for years to protect her family.


Draya Michele’s life in the public eye, marked by scrutiny and personal struggles, highlights the toughness needed to manage fame. Reflecting on her son Kniko Howard, a few essential points emerge:

  • Age and identity: Kniko Howard, born around 2002, is about 21 years old.
  • Public scrutiny: The family has endured intense public interest and criticism, especially about Draya’s relationships.
  • Media impact: Ongoing media speculation has influenced how the public sees Draya and her family.
  • Resilience of family: Despite obstacles, Draya Michele has prioritized family and personal growth.
  • Misinformation correction: Draya has actively corrected false information about her family’s personal life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Schools Did Kniko Howard Attend Growing Up?

Kniko Howard went to schools in the United States, but the names of these schools are not public.

Has Kniko Howard Expressed Interest in Following His Mother’s Career Path?

Kniko Howard has not shown interest in pursuing a career in entertainment like his mother, Draya Michele. He keeps his life private and stays out of the media spotlight.

What Hobbies or Sports Does Kniko Howard Participate In?

Kniko Howard, Draya Michele’s son, plays basketball. He enjoys sports and leads an active life.

Does Kniko Howard Have Any Public Social Media Profiles?

Kniko Howard, Draya Michele’s son, keeps a private life and seems to have no public social media accounts. He prefers to stay out of the public eye.

How Does Kniko Howard Interact With His Younger Sibling, Jru Scandrick?

Kniko Howard, Draya Michele’s son, keeps his life private, so we don’t know much about how he gets along with his younger brother, Jru Scandrick.

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