Bill Gates’ Daughter’s Phoebe Gates Boyfriend Revealed – Latest Updates!

Key Takeaways

  • Phoebe Gates used to date Robert Ross, but they broke up in 2023.
  • She started dating Arthur Donald in July 2022 and shared it on Instagram.
  • Both Phoebe and Arthur graduated from Stanford University and have been seen together at events.
  • There hasn’t been an official update on Phoebe and Arthur’s relationship status.
  • Their recent public outings indicate that Phoebe Gates and Arthur Donald are getting closer.

Phoebe Gates, Bill Gates’ daughter, is rumored to be dating Arthur Donald, Paul McCartney’s grandson. This news has caught the attention of many, given the fame of both families.

People are curious about what their relationship could mean, as both come from influential backgrounds and are involved in charity work. This pair is attractive to the public not just for their personal connection, but also for how their prominent families intersect.

Who is Phoebe Gates\’ Boyfriend?

Relationship with Stanford alum Robert Ross

bill gates daughter boyfriend

Robert Ross, a Stanford graduate, once dated Phoebe Gates. Ross, an expert in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity, has worked as a product manager at Google and helped start the AI company Lume.

Phoebe Gates, who works in women’s health and sustainability, faced a lot of public attention during their relationship. Their interracial relationship drew both support and criticism, leading to conversations online. Despite the challenges, Gates stood firm on her beliefs and the people she supports, showing her dedication to fighting societal misconceptions and biases.

Instagram official in July 2022

In July 2022, Phoebe Gates and Arthur Donald confirmed their relationship on Instagram. The news drew much attention because both come from well-known families. Arthur is the grandson of music legend Paul McCartney, and Phoebe is the daughter of tech giant Bill Gates. Their public debut together confirmed the rumours and showcased their shared interests and social circles.

July 2022Instagram OfficialRelationship Confirmed
October 2023Photo in ParisSeen Together Publicly
January 2024Attended Event TogetherStrengthened Public Image
OngoingSocial Media InteractionsEngaging Fans
FuturePotential Collaborative WorkMerging Influences

Attends Stanford University with Phoebe

Arthur Donald and Phoebe Gates both went to Stanford University. This is where they met and started dating. Stanford is known for being tough but also has a lively campus life, which probably helped them get closer.

They often saw each other both in class and around campus. This likely helped their relationship grow beyond just being classmates.

Latest Updates on Phoebe and Robert’s Relationship

Rumors of breakup in 2023

Phoebe Gates and Robert Ross broke up in 2023. People close to them say they split because they wanted different things in life. They tried to work through these issues, but ultimately, they agreed it was best to break up calmly. Their friends say the breakup was peaceful and respectful.

Now, Phoebe and Robert are starting new chapters on their own, focusing on their careers and personal growth. Everyone is watching to see what they do next.

Phoebe seen with Paul McCartney’s grandson Arthur Donald

phoebe gates bf

After her breakup with Robert Ross in 2023, Phoebe Gates has been seen with Arthur Donald, Paul McCartney’s grandson. Their appearances together at events like a New York gallery opening and a London charity ball have caught the public eye.

People are curious about their relationship, as they seem close and comfortable together. With each public outing, it looks like their connection is deepening, marking a new phase in Phoebe’s personal life.

No confirmation or statement from either party

Phoebe Gates and Arthur Donald have not confirmed or made any statements about their relationship. Without any direct information, fans and the media can only guess based on their public outings and social media posts. This lack of precise details keeps people interested and talking in the world of celebrity news.

 Aspect Phoebe Gates Arthur Donald
 BackgroundBill Gates’ daughterPaul McCartney’s grandson
 CareerAdvocacy and public speakingStudying at Yale University
 Public InterestHigh because of her familyHigh because of his famous family
 Media CoverageA lot of attention and guessingLess, often connected to Phoebe


Phoebe Gates and Arthur Donald’s relationship is attractive because it brings together two famous families from tech and entertainment. People are curious about them not just because of their families, but because they might work together on charity projects. Their relationship shows how people are fascinated by the merging of well-known families.

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