Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Complete Dating History And Current Boyfriend

Key Takeaways

  • Amelia Dimoldenberg dated the British rapper Aitch in 2022 after they met on her show, ‘Chicken Shop Date.’
  • They went public with their relationship on Instagram, but it only lasted about a month.
  • Amelia also appeared in one of Aitch’s music videos, mixing their work and personal life.
  • Since breaking up with Aitch, Amelia hasn’t discussed any new relationships; she’s been about her career.
  • Amelia often says how vital clear communication is in a relationship in her interviews.

Amelia Dimoldenberg, an English comedian and journalist, made a name for herself with her web series ‘Chicken Shop Date.’ Here, she interviews celebrities in a chicken shop, an offbeat setting that adds humor and spontaneity.

Her unique interview style mixes awkwardness with sharp wit, showing celebrities in a more relaxed, candid way. This fresh approach has entertained many and raised her profile significantly in digital media and entertainment.

Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Dating History

From 2019 to present

British rapper Aitch

Since 2019, Amelia Dimoldenberg, an English comedian and journalist, has had some exciting turns in her dating life. In 2019, she shared that she had been dating someone for a year, highlighting how critical communication is in relationships.

Later, she got romantically linked with British rapper Aitch. They first met when he was on her show, Chicken Shop Date, back in June 2019. Their relationship got some attention in 2022 through their playful posts on TikTok and Instagram, and Aitch even featured her in one of his music videos. However, the relationship didn’t last long, but they split on good terms. Right now, there doesn’t seem to be any public news about her dating life as she’s really focusing on her career in entertainment and media.

Partner Comparison

Amelia Dimoldenberg has dated a few notable people, including Aitch, Lola Thompson, and Taylor Mullings. Looking at these relationships helps us see how they might have shaped her life and public image. Each relationship had its unique vibe and level of public interest.

For instance, given his own fame, Aitch brought a lot of attention to their relationship. This could have added some pressure but also boosted their visibility. On the other hand, relationships with people like Lola Thompson might have been more low-key, affecting her life in quieter ways.



Amelia Dimoldenberg and British rapper Aitch had a brief but memorable relationship. They first met on her show, Chicken Shop Date, in 2019 and later confirmed their relationship in 2022. Their chemistry was obvious, both online and in real life, catching the attention of their fans. Here’s a simple breakdown of what happened during their time together:

Relationship StartMet in 2019 on Chicken Shop Date, confirmed in 2022
TikTok ConfirmationPosted videos on TikTok to confirm they were together
Music Video FeatureAmelia appeared in one of Aitch’s music videos
BreakupAnnounced they split up a month later on TikTok

Their time together was short, but it left a mark. They were fun to watch and seemed really into each other. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long, but it was enjoyable while it did.

Lola Thompson

Lola Thompson is different from Amelia Dimoldenberg’s usual type. She’s much more private. This low-key style is a significant change for Amelia, who usually dates comfortable people in the spotlight.

amelia dimoldenberg Lola Thompson

With Lola, Amelia might find a new kind of personal space that helps them connect on a deeper level. Lola’s preference for staying out of the public eye could mean their relationship grows away from the constant buzz of the media.

This could be really good for Amelia, giving them a chance to focus on what’s real in their relationship without all the outside noise.

Taylor Mullings

Taylor Mullings brings a new vibe to Amelia Dimoldenberg’s dating scene. Unlike her past high-profile relationships, like with British rapper Aitch, Taylor keeps things more low-key.

Amelia used to mix work with dating, even appearing in Aitch’s music video. With Taylor, things look set to be more private and personal. This change might show Amelia’s shifting towards wanting more privacy and deeper connections, away from the public eye. Taylor, who isn’t a celebrity, could mean less media buzz and a more relaxed, honest relationship.


Amelia Dimoldenberg’s dating history starts with more public interactions and moves towards a quieter, more private relationship with Taylor Mullings. This change could mean more profound, more authentic connections without the constant pressure of the media.

This shift in her relationships might give Amelia a more stable and happy personal life, which could positively affect how she appears in public and her work.

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